Application Development

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Develop quality software and accelerate time-to-market                                                                        

Today, companies are increasingly concentrating on core competencies to gain competitive edge. They are using information technology to facilitate basic business functions, and to collaborate with partners for making proactive business decisions.

Why Application Development Services?

Most organizations today operate under demanding conditions of cost optimization pressures, changing market conditions and compliance requirements. IT is driving process, organization and technical change across industries – and IT outsourcing has helped companies streamline business processes, gain greater flexibility, and minimize the total cost of ownership of their enterprise applications.

While IT outsourcing is a mature industry practice, led by large organizations looking for strategic partners, more and more Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are now looking for services that can help build capability, competence and the maturity that is required to make the most out of IT investments.

How Can TAKE Solutions Help?

TAKE’s in-depth understanding of how technology can be used to facilitate your company’s business processes, and its extensive industry/domain expertise, allow you to get the most out of your IT investments by reducing your cost of development, management and support for your application portfolio.

Our Application Development process & procedures are statistically managed using CMMi Level 5 Hi-Maturity practices. You can benefit from cost–effective and domain rich application development services. We can also help you to strategize and rationalize your application portfolio, to ensure it evolves in line with business requirements – and lower your operating costs in the process. You get exclusive access to TAKE&s Collaborative Project Management Portal, where all application development project milestones, deliverables and feedback are documented and tracked.

In addition to managed services, TAKE delivers flexible staffing and shared support resources to suit your business needs to:

  • Generate 20-30+% operating cost savings over 3-5 years
  • Enhance IT effectiveness and drive innovation


Our Testing process & procedures are statistically managed using CMMi L5, Hi Maturity practices. Hence the overall value proposition offered by TAKE is cost-effective and domain rich services on the following test models:

  • Legacy application maintenance
  • Re-engineering and migration
  • Custom application development
  • Co-Development

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For SCM sales call (Austin, US) +1 800 324 5143

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