Assessment & Planning

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Optimizing infrastructure and processes to increase productivity                                                                        

Your IT investments can help your firm make best use of available technologies, and stay prepared for the future. A well-designed technology plan can significantly help your organization achieve its mission.

Why Assessment & Planning?

IT infrastructure is a critical enabler of your business success, and a comprehensive technology assessment will provide the information needed to understand how your company is positioned regarding technology, and what solutions can best help you meet your technology goals while ensuring rapid returns from your investments.

How Can TAKE Solutions Help?

TAKE’s in-depth understanding of how technology can be used to facilitate your company’s business processes, and its extensive industry/domain expertise, allow you to get the most out of your IT investments.

Our consultants can help you make your organization future-ready by doing a thorough analysis of the current state of your organization from a technology perspective, and developing a technology plan that aligns your investments to identified objectives, and your budget.

Our solutions include:

  • Envisioning technology goals
  • Assessing current state of technology readiness
  • Assessing current IT practices and staff skills
  • Identifying critical needs
  • Recommending strategies to bridge identified gaps
  • Creating a technology plan
  • Implementing change


  • Data Center Operations
  • DR / BCP
  • Messaging Infrastructure
  • ITIL, ITSM, Six Sigma
  • NOC Command Center
  • Security, Storage and Network

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