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Develop quality software and accelerate time-to-market                                                                        

Teams providing Software Product Engineering services ‘plug’ into customers’ core product teams seamlessly, by adapting to the customer’s development and documentation methodology besides being well aware of the stringent configuration management requirements that are needed for parallel, remote teams working together.

Why Co-Development Services?

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, organizations are always looking for improved speed-to-market. It is equally important to keep costs low to increase overall product line profitability. Organizations are looking for ways to build the ability to develop products from the ground up efficiently.

The use of co-development services enable customers free up critical internal resources for high-value activities like design, architecture and planning product strategies It also helps organizations bridge gaps in technical skill sets for execution. Sustained product development requires strong expertise in managing risks, to ensure emerging technologies are best leveraged.

How Can TAKE Solutions Help?

TAKE specializes in the following co-development areas:

  • Co-development services for ISVs, with aggressive go-to-market timelines and a sustained yet scalable delivery model
  • Deep understanding of the specific nuances of product development projects and ability to successfully set up niche product development teams that align to client’s needs
  • Experience with various development methodologies such as Agile, SDLC, Waterfall, V-Shaped, Incremental, Spiral, Customized development, General Life Cycle Model
  • Reduction of the overhead cost of product development by leveraging its global delivery capabilities
  • Round the clock development & testing to ensure faster time-to-market, resulting in competitiveness


  • Co-Development Services

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For LS sales call (Princeton, US) +1 877 320 3626 X 230
For SCM sales call (Austin, US) +1 800 324 5143

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