CSR Policy

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

TAKE Solutions aspires to be a globally recognized and respected market leader in the domain areas of Life Sciences and Supply Chain Management. The core values that drive us are Boundaryless Innovation, Differentiate, Vibrancy& Joy, Equity with Fairness, and Integrity. These values, alongwith our business objectives, drive us to be a socially responsible organization.

We are cognizant of the deep debt we owe the society that enables us to operate and serve our clients. In the spirit of Integrity and Equity with Fairness, it is our prerogative to contribute back and make our society a better place. It is only through this mutualism that both our society and our business can sustain and thrive.

Objectives of this Policy:

The key objectives of this policy are to:

  • Demonstrate TAKE Solutions’ commitment to being a responsible corporate
  • Define the governance structure and responsibilities of our CSR initiative
  • Define the arenas where we will concentrate our CSR efforts
  • Give the plan of CSR activities FY15

Board Commitment to CSR

In line with our business and values, TAKE’s Board of Directors is committed to oversight of the CSR policy, Implementation of CSR activities, CSR Allocation & Spend, Project Approval and Reporting of CSR Activities to our stakeholders.

Composition of CSR Committee

The Board of Directors has appointed the following board members as members of the CSR Committee, and has charged them with all the responsibilities as set in this CSR Policy:

  • Srinivasan H.R. (Vice Chairman & Managing Director)
  • D.V. Ravi (Director)
  • S. Krishnamurthy (Independent Director)

Role & Responsibilities of CSR Committee

TAKE’s CSR Committee is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • To uphold the ethics and values of the organization in all its activities
  • To formulate and recommend the CSR Policy to the Board
  • To monitor the implementation of the CSR Activities and the CSR Expenditure
  • To report the above to the Board in a periodic and timely manner

Arenas of Concentration:

In line with our business objectives, we have identified the following key areas of interest:

  • Promotion of Education
  • Promotion of Healthcare
  • Promotion of Sports
  • Ensuring Environmental Sustainability

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