Demand Collaboration

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Improve efficiency between planning and procurement.                                                                        

OneSCM® Demand Collaborator allows buyers and suppliers to collaborate on planned orders based on real-time data. Trading partners can view current demand from MRP and adjust order fulfillment accordingly, tightening inventory margins and delivery schedules as well as decreasing time, labor, and supply costs.

Demand Collaborator monitors the ability of suppliers to meet buyer demand, and alerts buyers when there is a problem with order fulfillment. This provides significant savings in labor, time, and operations, especially in environments that involve long lead times or large quantities of parts with sporadic demand.

Demand Collaborator enables:

  • Decreased  costs of goods & sales
  • Improved customer service with responsiveness to actual, real-time demand
  • Minimized oversupply and shortages

Demand Collaborator is not a replacement for your planning engine: it is an extension to planning systems that integrates with existing ERP data, as well as other OneSCM tools, to maximize efficiency in the supply chain by making the best use of the data available in your planning systems.


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