E-Invoice & AP Automation

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Increased efficiency through management by exception (MBE)                                                                        

The OneSCM® AP Automation feature allows AP staff to work in a closed-loop process to pay suppliers more quickly and confidently. Suppliers and AP staff can view invoices in real time to address payment disputes. Leveraging management by exception, OneSCM’s customizable workflow engine routes any nonstandard invoices, or those that exceed predefined limits, for review and approval. All other (non-disputed) invoices are processed for prompt payment, allowing them to take advantage of on-time and early payment discounts. AP staff can also define the conditions for prioritizing payment based on supplier performance, discounts, and rebates.


  • Eliminate overpayments and duplicate payments
  • Eliminate late payments
  • Enforce supplier compliance with pricing and shipping agreements
  • Reduce manual oversight and the cost per payment transaction
  • Extend visibility to trading partners for faster dispute resolution

OneSCM is not a replacement for your AP system: it works with purchasing and AP processing systems already in place to ensure a closed-loop process including enforced compliance with company policy and improved visiblity of orders, invoices, and payment status.


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