Supply Chain Analytics

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Monotor the performance of your supply networks!                                                                        

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Accurate and timely measurement of supplier performance across the trading partner network is the first step to improving delivery times and reducing costly delays. Understanding the dimensions and patterns of materials spend also facilitates better cost control.

Why Supplier Collaboration Analytics?

Spend management requires carefully assessing all factors related to the supplier relationship. Is the lowest-cost part costing you more to procure? Are your suppliers meeting their service level agreements? Are contracts being awarded to the top performers?

Can you quickly identify disruptions in the inbound supply of parts, material and resources? Drill down to the source, and take corrective actions to keep your facility running smoothly?

Employees throughout your organization need real-time visibility to your most critical performance metrics and KPIs, as this information provides a solid foundation for strategic procurement decisions. The speed and agility with which metrics can be defined, data can be collected, and information can be analyzed is critical to best-in-class performance.,

How Can TAKE Solutions Help?

TAKE’s Supplier Collaboration Analytics provides a technology independent, functionally rich, ready to use analytical platform that can connect to any ERP or supplier collaboration portals and applications. It provides visually stunning, intuitive, and actionable role-based dashboards & scorecards that help organizations do better performance monitoring and analysis their procure-to-pay functions.

TAKE Solutions is out in front of ever-improving data technology, methods and business practices to implement state-of-the-art Business Intelligence solutions. We enable accurate and holistic measurement across your demand-driven trading partner network to provide the real-time information for better decision making.


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