Mobile Sales & Route Delivery

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Intergrating inventory control, route delivery and payment settlements                                                                        

Merchandisers of consumer products need to delight two customers: the end consumer and the retailer who controls the shelf space.

Why Mobile Sales & Route Delivery?

Customers need to find shelves stocked with fresh quality foods, and the retailer needs on-time deliveries in optimum quantities. Deliver too much, and products expire. Deliver too late, and sales are impacted. At the same time, maintaining an excellent relationship with the retailer is critical to best positioning for your product.

How Can TAKE Supply Chain Help?

RoutePro, TAKE’s mobile sales and route delivery solution, addresses direct store delivery and extends your route accounting capabilities to the field. It not only helps your company integrate selling, marketing and delivery efforts across the organization, but also improves your customer’s ability to merchandise and sell your products profitability.

RoutePro provides full inventory and expense control at the point of delivery, tracking merchandise from the point it is loaded onto the delivery vehicle through to stocking on the shelf.

Inventory and order management ensure the optimum quantities of the freshest packaged goods are stocked at stores along the route. Tracking the activities of the sales people servicing the route ensures your customer service level agreements are met, and provides up-to-date information to handle any exceptions.

Accurate and fast mobile invoicing calculates product discounts, promotions policies, and returns. Handling exceptions to the pricing processes and compliance to policies reduces write-offs and improves retailer relationships.

You can also track the delivery truck using GPS, capture electronic signatures, apart from providing historical data for sales, returns, deliveries, and orders to your customers on demand.


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