Oracle Applications Framework

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Simpliying Oracle Application Framework                                                                        

Oracle Applications Framework (OAF) is the one of the current front-end application interface framework for browser-based pages. This framework edges well with Oracle eBusiness Suite and is built on technologies like BC4J, UIX, and XSS that form the core of the model and view layers. The Model View Controller (MVC) Design pattern architecture where all your business logic is placed on Model layer and the application user interface is built on.

How Can TAKE Solutions Help?

TAKE provides:

  • Strong Oracle OAF competency
  • Team with rich experience in OAF

Service Highlights

  • Typical implementation of MVC Architecture with all the Oracle Applications proprietary concepts of AOL that includes Menus, Messages, Functions, Profiles, Flex fields, Attachments.
  • Flexibility of Forms Personalization
  • Easier enhancements and application Portability
  • Enhanced IDE with Browser and Mobile Support
  • Building enriched User Interface across the Oracle eBiz Suite for your organization
  • Implementing Inbuilt Security
  • Supporting declarative Personalization’s and durable Customizations
  • Provide the Gateway for Fusion Applications as it is built on Oracle Fusion Middleware technology

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