Program Management

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TAKE ensures the success of each customer engagement by aligning the engagement goals with the customer’s stated business objectives. All the processes at TAKE are aligned with SEI CMMI Level 5 standards ensuring best practices in solution development and deployment throughout the engagement lifecycle.
TAKE has a well-defined Program Management Office (PMO) to manage multiple projects to ensure success of every project, starting from setting up of steering committee, operational models process governance models, services frameworks, infrastructure support & multiple engagement streams of work.


TAKE’s PMO is a strategic management structure intended to lower the risk of failure and ensure successful deliverables. Strategy adopted by the PMO at TAKE includes:

  • Initiation of the project with involvement of the client and other project stakeholders
  • Program plan development & timeline management
  • Budget planning and management
  • Personnel and team management
  • Risk management
  • Configuration management
  • Change management
  • Tracking the project with various models available in the organization
  • Documentation and report writing

The Time Zone Advantage

The near-shore and off-shore development centers offer a global talent pool and time zone advantage to manage and complete projects on time.

PMO Framework, Tools & Techniques

TAKE has developed its own proven program management framework for managing projects around the globe. The framework consists of:

  • Defined master services
  • Discrete work orders
  • A communication framework
  • Transition models
  • Steady state operations monitoring
  • The Global Delivery Portal (GDP)

Program complexity is handled through the following tools, techniques, artifacts, and actions:

  • Project plan
  • Project templates
  • Project management tools
  • High maturity practices
  • Resource leveling
  • Workflow definition
  • Business process redesign
  • Training and learning; knowledge and skill management
  • Process definition and adherence
  • Knowledge sharing and communication spread across globe
  • Establishment of program management standards

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