RFID & Barcode Applications

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Leveraging automatic identification for visibility and control                                                                        

RFID & Barcode technologies are used in the modern day world to gain the competitive advantage by providing rapid and reliable identification and tracking capabilities. These technologies help in improving the flexibility in the system, reduce the manual intervention and manual errors, improve the productivity. Business benefits helps to achieve quicker return on investments made in these technologies.

Why RFID & Barcode Applications?

Traditional business processes are human intensive and require multiple touch-points. Every such touch-point adds to risk-of-error, and information latency. RFID tagging & barcodes are needed to improve visibility, and to facilitate easy identification of the location of tracked entities like vehicles, pallets, assets etc in real-time. These solutions therefore form the core of process automation – touch-free automation of business processes make cycle-times shorter and resources more productive.

Auto–ID technologies are also playing a big role in securing facilities, and in automating office activities. In addition to enabling visibility, these technologies are widely used for enforcing access controls, tracking whereabouts of critical resources/personnel/assets.

How Can TAKE Solutions Help?

TAKE Solutions specializes in Auto-ID solutions. Successful implementation of such solutions typically involves different vendors – one for each of the following:

  • Robust packaged software
  • Implementation and roll-out at the site
  • Hardware and technology components

In TAKE Solutions, you have an enabler of business efficiencies that has credible expertise in all the three areas – just one entity to engage for making auto-ID solutions work for you.


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