Ship Confirmation Collaboration

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Automate confirmation and compliance.                                                                        

Ship Confirmation Collaboration from OneSCM changes business-as-usual by confirming suppliers provide the right shipment information in your preferred format. Utilizing TAKE’s ControlPoint Tracking technology, Ship Compliance Confirmation ensures unauthorized or out-of-tolerance shipments never leave a supplier’s location.

The Ship Confirmation Collaboration process:

  • Suppliers enter shipment information on a web-based portal
  • Ship Confirmation Collaboration performs a “trial receipt” against the receiving controls
  • Shipment information is verified in Ship Confirmation Collaboration
  • Suppliers print a label containing the recipient's required format and information

Materials managers always know precisely what is in transit from which suppliers, and how they are to be processed. When dock workers scan an incoming shipment, they instantly know the next steps--whether it be putaway, flag for inspection, or transfer immediately to kitting/manufacturing. Each shipment is handled fewer times with fewer mistakes, saving labor and materials costs.

Shipment Tracking via ASNs, PTNs, and LPNs:

OneSCM’s heritage in data collection and tracking provides package-level tracking tools for all incoming shipments.

  • License Plate Numbers (LPN) to pallets or other containers
  • Package Tracking Numbers (PTN) to packages shipped in containers
  • Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN) that are sent to the ERP


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