Supplier Onboarding-Enablement

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Enabling supplier collaboration and building trading partner networks                                                                        

Supply chain collaboration across your demand-driven value network delivers a smooth flow of information to the trading partners. However, recognizing these benefits requires difficult data integration across disparate technology stacks and network protocols.

Why Supplier Onboarding/Enablement?

Software alone does not connect you to your suppliers and their data. In many organizations, data is accumulated over time. A given supplier may be entered into your accounting and procurement systems multiple times, with slightly different but overlapping data. Mergers, acquisitions, and organization changes for the vendor and the receiving organizations compound the problem.

Supplier onboarding and enablement services from TAKE Supply Chain provide the ability to connect, communication, and quickly route information across your trading network.

How Can TAKE Supply Chain Help?

We work with clients to achieve best results from their supplier collaboration initiatives by providing the following services:

  • Supplier data analysis – identify vendors, contact data, and touch-points to the data record.
  • Supplier data synchronization – develop and maintain a Vendor Master Data File using a master data management process. Integrate the data to your system of record and collaboration platform.
  • Technology level assessment and integration – each supplier site has differing levels of technology. Categorize each site's IT capabilities and provide the appropriate enabling technology and integration.
  • Pilot projects and user acceptance testing – create and execute a plan to onboard groups of suppliers and benchmark results.
  • Training – provide and deliver materials to train internal and external users. Training materials can be delivered as job aides, videos, and manuals, supplemented with remote or on-site sessions.
  • Help desk staffing support – augment your staffing with dedicated services during rollout to ensure you meet various service level agreements to users throughout your enterprise and trading network.

Why TAKE Supply Chain?

TAKE Supply Chain has over ten years’ experience implementing collaborative solutions across integrated supplier networks. Their supply chain practitioners, data integration experts, and global reach combine to provide you best-in-class services for supplier on-boarding.

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