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RSS Feeds – What You Need To Know

About RSS Feeds

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is designed to deliver requested information directly to your desktop. In order to receive this information, you must first subscribe to your chosen feed.
We offer our web feeds to spare yourself the trouble of having to visit our site. Subscribing our feed will enable you to see when www.takesolutions.com has added new content to its respective sections. You can get the latest press releases, news articles/media coverage and events without having to visit the site every day.

What Do I Need To Subscribe To RSS Feeds?

In order to receive updates via an RSS Feed, you need to have an RSS Feed Reader or Aggregator (as it is also called). The RSS Reader is the application used to check your list of RSS Feed subscriptions to deliver updates to your desktop. In short, a feed reader is an online application, stand alone or web based, that reads feeds. A feed reader is to feeds what an email application (such as Outlook) is to email; without it you cannot receive your updates.

Types of Aggregators

Client-side readers and aggregators are typically constructed as standalone programs or extensions to existing programs such as web browsers.
Web-based feed readers and news aggregators require no software installation and make the user’s “feeds” available on any computer with Web access. Both Google and Yahoo offer news aggregators. The list of subscription buttons above shows a variety of available feed readers. For example, if you use Google for your feed reader, you would click on to subscribe to the RSS feed above.
It’s free and no personal information is exchanged.

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