VDI and Application Packaging

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Boosting organization performance with right tools and infrastructure                                                                        

With server virtualization, businesses realize an immediate and practical need for streamlining IT management. A simple IT infrastructure that is right sized and yet scalable with ability to provision ‘on the go’ can help you realize increased operational efficiencies, simplified implementation time lines and lowered costs.

Why VDI and Application Packaging?

VDI solutions deliver standardized operating systems and application components so that you can achieve economies of scale across the user base for all the common business solution components. This also allows centralized management of resources, simplifying IT for businesses.

Application packaging on the other hand addresses standardization of the installation of a piece of software on one or more computers, thereby allowing for rapid deployment, upgrades and the consistent installation of software.

How Can TAKE Solutions Help?

TAKE specializes in providing MSI packaging services to organizations offering a fixed price per package. TAKE’s strengths in Windows Installer technology enables it to assist in all stages of the application packaging process by utilizing its blended shore packaging expertise.

TAKE brings to the table its vast experience having worked in strict and demanding environments such as Banking, Finance and the Pharmaceutical industries with a deep understanding of the importance of adherence to standards and industry regulations.


  • Data Center Operations
  • DR/BCP
  • Messaging Infrastructure
  • NOC Command Center
  • Security, Storage and Network

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