Working at TAKE

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TAKE’s differentiated work culture is what connects our teams and creates an inspiring workplace.

Inspiring Knowledge

What makes TAKE an enlightening, enriching experience:

  • Innovative communication workshop: “It TAKEs Two to Tango” – A unique workshop that encourages effective communication strategy, where employees are urged to participate through role play, experience sharing and team building exercises
  • Knowledge initiatives – A series of knowledge initiatives to create distinction among peers on the competency front. This activity involves setting up of a CoE in Supply Chain in association with LIBA. Apart from this, discussion of practices, sessions on expert views and sharing of tacit experiences in groups are facilitated by the HR at TAKE

Inspiring Action

Unwind in a healthy and fun environment:

  • TAKE Gatherings: TAKE’s annual picnics and social events, held at its different offices are legendary for bringing together the collective enthusiasm of all TAKE employees under one roof! They bridge any cultural, religious and regional gaps among TAKE employees and give them a chance to mingle in a new setting
  • Festive Spirit: Special celebrations and cultural fests to mark various global and regional events serve to lift the spirits of employees with well-organized competitions, fun activities and all-round cheer

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For LS sales call (Princeton, US) +1 877 320 3626 X 230
For SCM sales call (Austin, US) +1 800 324 5143

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