Mr. Kishore Rachapudi, President and Chief Operating Officer of TAKE Solutions, is very positive on the future of his company. "There are great opportunities for growth for us in the two areas we are active in: Supply Chain Management and Life Sciences. Our deep domain expertise in these two areas serves us well at a time when companies across all industry verticals increasingly are looking at their core business and are looking for the right partners to support them in their core business processes. And we are stepping up on our Analytics investments in order to deliver greater business value to our customers. "With more than 750 current employees, TAKE Solutions' world headquarters are in Chennai, India, with US headquarters in Princeton, NJ.

TAKE Solutions was founded in 2000, in India. In 2002, the company launched its first Supply Chain Management solutions, while extending its foothold into Malaysia and Sri Lanka. This was followed, in 2003, by the launch of the

TAKE RTE (Real Time Enterprise BPM framework) solution and Supply Chain Management suite. A number of firsts were posted in 2004 with a foray into Healthcare and Life Sciences, and establishment of its presence in the US with a headquarters at Princeton, New Jersey. In 2006, TAKE Solutions got certified at CMMi level 5, and opened up another office in the US at Research Triangle Park, NC along with the announcement of a CRO subsidiary in Philadelphia via acquisitions. The company subsequently gained a significant foothold in the Supply Chain Management solution marketplace in the US by announcing the acquisition of ClearOrbit (now known as TAKE SCM), a Supply Chain Management software company. TAKE Solutions had a successful IPO in 2007, listing on the NSE/BSE India. In 2008, Deloitte recognised TAKE Solutions as India's 10th fastest growing technology company and in the same year, TAKE Solutions achieved the PCMM Level 3 certification. In the year 2009, TAKE acquired The EntComm platform and the product division of PSI software.

Mr. Rachapudi joined the company in October 2009. He had previously served as the Senior Vice President and Head, Healthcare and Life Sciences with Satyam Computer Services and has 20+ years of experience in management positions in the IT industry. Prior to Satyam, he worked for Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro in the Americas, Europe, the Far East and India. In his role as the primary interface for executive management of the customers, he built strategic partnerships with customers and provided oversight to ensure that all solutions and sourcing processes are optimized to result in significant benefits to customers.

Mr. Rachapudi says he believes that TAKE Solutions is well positioned for further growth because the market calls for specialists; TAKE Solutions builds domain intensive business technology products across two verticals "Life Sciences and Supply Chain Management (SCM). Under the Life Sciences solution offerings, the company brings to the market "Safety View" and "PharmaReady", products that address safety and document workflow leading to submissions. Also, TAKE has strong experience in Sales & Marketing Warehousing and Analytics. In the SCM space, TAKE offers "OneSCM", a solution suite for Supply Chain Management, which includes three products iPoint, XPC and Gemini. These are built around three critical trends seen in the Supply Chain industry, namely the move towards low cost country sourcing, an increasing preference for demand driven SCM as opposed to "push-mode" and lastly, the desire to outsource all non-core operations such as warehouse and supplier management. Recently TAKE launched a SaaS offering in this space ONESCM.

TAKE Solutions' clients across verticals such as pharma, biotech, hi-tech, oil-and gas and consumer goods companies are spread across India, Middle East, Far East and the US " the latter in particular is a big contributor to total revenues. According to Mr. Rachapudi, their competitive advantage primarily is around their domain expertise. "In the Life Sciences industry we have seven out of the top ten pharmaceutical companies worldwide among our clients. We partner with them in Clinical, Safety, Regulatory, Warehousing & Analytics areas in particular. Some of our customers rely on us for Application Management, Testing and BPM as well given our business understanding. While there are other companies that offer similar services, I believe TAKE Solutions is unique in that, we always look at it from a domain perspective first, and from an IT perspective next. We believe you really need to understand what's behind the technology. Providing the technological framework is not enough in these specialist areas for creating true business value." In addition to being an SEI-CMM Level 5 and an SEI-PCMM Level 3 certified company, TAKE is a registered CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium) solution provider. It is also associated with the BioIT Alliance which unites pharmaceutical, clinical research, biotech & software companies to collaborate on business and technology ideas. This "adoption of industry best practices and thought leadership helps TAKE Solutions to consolidate its leadership position and get ahead of the pack who rely entirely on cost arbitrage, in Mr. Rachapudi's view.

TAKE Solutions continues to strengthen its domain expertise. In March of this year, the company entered into a strategic partnership with Liquent to together offer fully outsourced publishing capabilities through a combination of offshore resources, onshore industry experts and onsite specialists, all while providing regulatory expertise to increase efficiencies to the market. According to a company statement, this strategic partnership will enable both Liquent and TAKE Solutions to flexibly provide both onsite support and outsourcing resources, providing the most comprehensive publishing solution in the market today. On that note, Mr. Rachapudi comments that the outsourcing market has considerably evolved. Ten years ago, you didn't see any outsourcing whatsoever in the Life Sciences industry. That didn't really take off until 2003. And over the past three years, you see more and more pharmaceutical companies looking at their core business, and considering what business processes can be outsourced. This development obviously puts TAKE Solutions in a good position. Our strength in the Life Sciences domain particularly our unique ability to manage the clinical, safety and regulatory data from creation to submission to the regulatory bodies and our capabilities in Sales & Marketing Analytics make us an attractive partner to the Life Sciences companies.

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