Ram Yeleswarapu, President and CEO, Take Solutions

The healthcare industry is growing at a dynamic pace, especially during this global economic recovery phase. The healthcare IT market is witnessing governmental regulations across the globe, leading to increased investments for patient monitoring and other healthcare technologies. Additionally, advancements in healthcare IT have also improved access to medical care, making high-end treatment and diagnosis more cost-effective to patients across hospitals globally. The ongoing innovations are expected to drastically improve the healthcare IT scenario. Moreover, organizations in the healthcare domain are increasing spending on healthcare IT solutions and services to expedite efficiency. They are now facing extreme pressure to reduce product cycle time and costs, while supporting regulatory mandates. As a result, these companies are seeking more resourceful and secure ways to speed up their product development, promote regulatory compliance, and improve patient care delivery. This is where our expertise adds value.

Today, India is fast emerging as the major supplier of generic drugs to the rest of the world and also facing a strong demand from the huge local market. There are stringent clinical, manufacturing, regulatory, and safety norms that are coming in to play, which are also supported by the opening of offices of the leading regulatory agencies including USFDA. Now these agencies insist in implementing technology and supporting best practices so that the drugs are of high standards and there is enough data to verify the same. Our services thus have become essential and there is an extreme urgency in the market to adapt to the same as the stakes involved are much higher.

Life sciences and healthcare companies are rapidly executing their strategic growth plans in emerging countries; they are facing challenges in identifying the appropriate stakeholders due to market fragmentation and in defining the optimal commercial model to achieve maximum market penetration. TAKE Solutions has partnered with Cegedim Dendrite to offer system integration and other services for Cegedim Dendrite's Mobile Intelligence product suite.

Mobile intelligence enables companies to capture data easily and build institutional knowledge. The solution provides sales forces with a robust set of customer relationship management capabilities that promotes team selling, multi-channel customer management, information sharing, field reporting, and analytics - all within a life science-tailored mobile application that is easy to use.

In the challenging environment faced by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, effective sales and marketing choices are essential in order to make the most of each product opportunity. This partnership may help address a number of these issues and deliver a proven solution.

When we talk about popular trends in IT solutions, it has to be SaaS (software-as-a-service). Globally and especially in India, it is poised to be big and this has been endorsed by Springboard Research in its recent report where they have disclosed India as the region's fastest-growing SaaS market, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 60 percent from 2008 to 2012. This puts the country's SaaS market at an estimated worth of US$ 352 million by 2012, from US$ 105 million in 2009, the research firm said.

We have a rich experience and already have our OneSCM platform being offered in SaaS model. In similar lines, we are exploring the possibilities of providing hosted solutions in sales and marketing space using the products of some of the leading players in SaaS. We are also working on sales force and marketing analytics solutions using some industry standard business intelligence products.



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