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TAKE Solutions hires Uma Ratnam Krishnan as Independent director

19 November 2014

TAKE Solutions, a global business technology solutions company with expertise in Life Sciences (LS) and Supply Chain Management (SCM), announced the appointment of an Independent director Uma Ratnam Krishnan. Krishnan...

TAKE Solutions offers to help Indian pharma companies

09 September 2014

TAKE Solutions, a provider of business and technological solutions in life sciences, has on offer solutions to help the Indian pharmaceutical industry meet the requirements and regulations in the U.S....

‘I never meant to be an entrepreneur’

09 September 2014

BY Aparajita Choudhury | September 04, 2014 Srinvasan H R VC & MD, TAKE Solutions In an interaction with Entrepreneur India, Srinvasan H R, VC & MD, TAKE Solutions shares...

TAKE Solutions: Helping Improve Outcomes for the Life Sciences & Healthcare Industries While Ensuring Compliance

25 June 2014

By Pankaj Kundwani Rising as a potent competitor to the developed countries, the Indian pharmaceutical industry holds a big pie in the global market. In recent years, several international audits...


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