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Employees who are proactive in coming up with new ideas and taking them forward are the ones who have an edge over the rest.Are you one of them

If you are one of those people who prefer to blend into the background and do precisely what they are told and nothing more than that,consider emboldening yourself enough to try and take a little initiative.There is nothing more attractive than an employee who can exercise creativity and show his or her concern and enthusiasm for projects,regardless of how minuscule their role may be.And contrary to what many fear,superiors arent waiting to strike down your ideas and humiliate you! You might be pleasantly surprised at how much encouragement your ideas receive.

It is of paramount importance for employees to take initiative,especially if he/she wants to be progressive and make a difference to the organisation.The drawback in the current system-driven work culture is the incapability of employees to see beyond the defined structure to contribute.People who have the inability to take initiatives will narrow down opportunities for themselves in the future, opines to Dr.N Chandrasekaran,VP corporate affairs,TAKE Solutions. Its a widely held misconception that only leaders are required to take initiatives.In the current set-up,every individual is expected to take initiatives as often as the situation demands.Taking an initiative means taking the first step and doing what needs to be done without waiting to be told what to do.Hence it is equally applicable to everyone in the organisation,whether s/he is a leader or a ground-level worker.However,initiatives should not be taken just for the sake of it.One should take an initiative only when one feels that s/he knows the answer to a certain problem;it is within the realm of his/her authority and it should support the organisational or the teams goals and objectives, explains Partha Patnaik.GM,HR & admin at Four Soft.

Talking about how ones initiative-taking ability can affect your growth prospects at work,Rahul Kulkarni,head - HR,Kale consultants says,If you do not take initiatives,people will never recognise you.Taking initiatives helps you grow and the fast tracker always takes the initiative and risk.An initiative is always associated with risk.You have to take that calculated risk and initiative and then run with it.This will give a boost to you in your company,especially if it is a fast-growing company.They will always recognise a person who takes initiatives.Your confidence,calibre and potential have a very important role to play when it comes to taking initiatives.

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