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Serialization And Regulatory Compliance: Start Small To End Big

07 December 2012

By Matt Walker, EVP of Supply Chain, TAKE Solutions | Published: December, 2012 Many pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are feeling the pressure of pending state and federal regulations that...

Healthcare Reform: A Wakeup Call to Global Life Sciences Companies

04 December 2012

by Natalia Kosk | Created: December 4, 2012 Pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology companies must act now to prepare for the changing landscape of life sciences In many industries, transformation...

Spry Chain Management How Global Logistics Are Going Mobile

21 May 2012

By Donna Fritz | Published: May, 2012 The impact of mobility on the enterprise continues to be a hot topic of discussion, especially within the global supply chain where the...

Three Steps To Getting The Most Intelligence Value From Your Existing ERP Data

02 May 2012

By Matt Walker, EVP of Supply Chain, TAKE Solutions | Published: April 30, 2012 Learn how changing your perspective on current ERP data maximizes performance and drives business. As manufacturers...

The Three Pillars of Effective Returns Management

27 April 2012

By Tamara Dwyer | Published: April 26, 2012 Tamara Dwyer is Product Management Business Analyst, TAKE Solutions, Inc., 512-231-8191 Returns management presents both challenges and opportunities for inbound logistics. Waste...

Supply Chain: Health care reform Automated materials handling and data collection systems are transforming the health care supply chain.

17 April 2012

By Bob Trebilcock, Executive Editor | Published: April 01, 2012 For most of us, materials handling and supply chains are industrial-based. Raw materials, parts, components and finished goods are handled...

Does Clinical Data Qualify as “Big Data”?

06 April 2012

By Venu Mallarapu | Published: April 2, 2012 I was at an Analyst conference last week where I met a couple of analysts focused on Life Sciences who felt that...

Can “Clinical Data Integration on the Cloud” be a Reality?

30 March 2012

By Venu Mallarapu | Published: March 27, 2012 The story I am about to tell is almost 8 years old. I was managing software services delivery for a global pharmaceutical...

Engineering Supply Chain Performance

27 March 2012

Leveraging Collaboration and Mobility in Heterogeneous IT Environments By S Sridharan | Published: March 2012 Ensuring timely, accurate and cost-effective supply of materials, equipment and resources is essential to the...

Risk Based Monitoring and SDV: Increased Adoption of ECM

22 March 2012

By Venu Mallarapu | Published: March 20, 2012 It is a universal fact that the escalating costs of discovering new medicinal products are driving sponsors and CROs to scrutinize every...

Signal Management using SharePoint

17 February 2012

Posted on - February 15, 2012 By Venugopal Mallarapu, Director, Life Sciences Technology & Alliances at TAKE Solutions, Inc. Signal Detection & Management In recent years, the life sciences industry...

The Drug Safety Utility – Paying Monthly Bills Vs. Building Power Stations

08 February 2012

Posted on - February 6, 2012 Prashanth Visweswaran, Practice Director – Drug Safety, Social Media and Mobility, TAKE Solutions, Inc. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are going through rapid change with...


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